What We Do

inTouch Analytics offers data consulting services and creates customized analytic tools for non-profit organizations and small businesses. These tools are designed to drive decision making by generating visualizations that lead to meaningful insights.  All of our analytic solutions are interactive, and they can be delivered in several formats that vary in accessibility and cost. 

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What our customers are saying:

inTouch Analytics has really helped to streamline the visualization and reporting of data to stakeholders. We regularly need to create 90-100 similar reports, each with specific data tailored to programs and sites. With their help, it now takes about a fifth the time it used to. We're excited to utilize their services to further streamline our work.

Mandy Purington, Research Support Specialist, ACT for Youth

Case Study: 4-H Youth Organization


What is it?

An initiative to gain valuable programming insights by analyzing enrollment data. By presenting the findings in a series of interactive dashboards, the site acts as a "data hub" that empowers county and state educators to conduct their own analyses.

Important findings to come out of the pilot project:

  1. On average, returning members of all ages/grade levels have similar re-enrollment rates; however, new members have increasingly difficult times assimilating into the program as they age.
  2. Having one or more sibling increases re-enrollment rate by about 40%!
  3. By displaying the data visually, educators are able to quickly identify data inaccuracies and correct them moving forward.
  4. Additional State 4-H Offices and National Committees have expressed interest in the technology to gain programming insights and better serve youth.